The sofa plays an important role in the furniture, but we know how much it is. Is it OK if the sofa is beautiful?. Selection of sofa actually have a lot of attention. Today we give several methods of Yayun Levin introduced the selection of the sofa.

The first step is to see if the sofa frame is strong, which is related to the life and quality assurance of the sofa. Concrete method is to lift the three person sofa, pay attention when the lift off part of the 10cm, the other head of the legs are off the ground, only the other side also from the ground, check to be passed.

Second step. Look at the quality of the sofa. The specific method is to use the hand to press sofa armrest and backrest, if can clearly notice that the existence of, it is proved that this set of sofa, packing density is not high, flexibility is not good enough.

Third step. Check the back of the sofa. Specific method is to let the body is free fall sit on the sofa, sofa cushion bounce body at least is more than 2 times, in order to ensure the good elasticity of the sofas, and life will be longer.

Fourth step. Pay attention to the sofa detail processing. The matching pillow zipper is opened, observe and hand touch inside the crinoline and filler; looked up to see the bottom of the handle is detailed sofa, sofa leg is straight, surface treatment is smooth, leg bottom whether anti-skid pads, and so on some of the details.

Fifth step. Feel the sofa with the surface, whether there is a phenomenon of stimulating the skin, observe the overall fabric color of the sofa is uniform, the joint part of whether the solid formation, work is fine.




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