As we all know, the surface of the leather sofa is very fragile, once the deal is not careful will "hurt" it. So today, June art furniture to help you solve the problem of leather sofa maintenance, now give you a good talk about how to maintain the leather sofa.

Skin sofa maintenance - prevention
Avoid grease, ball point pen, ink, beverage and other dirty sofa, leather corrosion; in order to extend the service life of the leather sofa, avoid children on the sofa play jumping; to prevent the leather sofa being the sun, if want to wash, it is best placed in dry and ventilated place to dry.

Skin sofa maintenance - regular maintenance
Do leather sofa maintenance, need us to adhere to the regular maintenance. Best to do once a week, with a clean towel dipped in water, and then the sofa light. Wipe the sofa, must not be vigorously rub rub, so as not to cause skin damage to the leather sofa. With a towel after the use of appropriate amount of leather care agent can be used to wipe again, so as to effectively play the maintenance effect.

Skin sofa maintenance - reasonable removal of stubborn stains
If you can do more than the skin sofa maintenance steps, has been considered very rare. But life always avoid there can't be a little accident, such as the baby in the dermal sofa painting, the dog's paw accidentally scratch the sofas. My husband ate rules, spilled oil stains on the sofa and so on. So, this time we need to take the necessary measures to deal with these emergencies.

If are left with a drink in the leather sofa, should immediately with a clean towel or sponge blot it, and with a damp cloth to wipe, let the natural air dry, prevent acid beverage on dermal corrosion. If it is stained with grease, you can use a special cleaning agent after washing and dry towel to wipe clean, friends do not have to use water scrub.

Leather sofa repair - repair
    Finally, if it is found that the emergence of dermal sofa holes, ragged, burning phenomenon, do not blindly treatment, it is better to ask professional personage to clean up, repair, or to find experienced friend help.

    On the maintenance knowledge of the leather sofa, the first introduced here, and we want to know more information, you can click on the art furniture to learn more information.

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